Titleist T200 Irons and Titleist T100 Irons Review

Titleist T200 model being described as – (The Players Distance Iron), Titleist is the 3rd iteration of the T-Series Irons.

Titleist T200 irons looks to be a Player’s Iron Visually, to perform like a Game improvement club.

Titleist are centering on across he new T-Series ranges is “3D Approach” Descent angle and Dispersion, Consisting of Distance, this have set to achieve the optimum in 3 (three) Categories by adding the Following technologies:

  • Thick D18 Tungsten Dual split
  • Perfect Feel and
  • Clean and Assured Shaping

1. Thick D18 Tungsten Dual split

The T-Series Irons we see the uses of Think D18 Tungsten weighting, that split between the toe and heel of the T-Series club, held in the place by a (2000° aerospace brazing process to avoid the welding points that affect the weight distribution of the T-Series Club, were as the weight distribution allows for a high performance in terms of height and speed, with retaining forgiveness and accuracy.

2. Perfect Feel

The Titleist T-Series T200 is a perfect structure through a re-engineered chassis which allows the reconsider Maximum impact on the Technology to fit tighter against the face.

3. Clean and Assured Shaping

The Quality Shape of the T200 remains same as we have seen them before in the 1st series iterations and 2nd series iterations, by the large Clubhead Compared to the T100 series and T150 Series promotes more confidence, an identical blade length and offset measurements allows for smooth transition for the players who using the T200 as a part of a blended set.

The Titleist T200 Irons uses the same Design form the Titleist T100 allowing for the player preferred feel through the Greensward/truf, The perfect edge Now works smoother and faster within the Greensward/truf.

Titleist T200 Looks and Feel

The Titleist T200 have done a perfect job at developing a forgiving club with a similar look seen in the Titleist T150 series/models and Titleist T100 models, The larger size helps confidence to stand over the Ball (often i thought it was lacking in the T100 models)

Over the past 5 (Years) I feel like Titleist T200 model has improved with every replication of T-Series Irons, Titleist T200 have cleaned the look up little for Game improvement, T200 Models looks Grate.

The Clubhead looks Based on compact, avoiding to look more wide and broadly as we see in other Game improvement irons, There is a change in the design between the T150 and T200, The Titleist has made transition as smooth as possible across the T200 Designs for such a different club types.

Titleist T200 has a great club to hit, There is a high level of forgiveness in the clubs which allowing a very clean sticks, There was a very accurate difference between the sound of both the T200 Compared to the T150 models and T100 models. The Design of T200 works well.

The sound on impact of T200 was as sharp and clean, The Sound Impact may differ for most players as they like, The Club felt fun to hit, Forgiveness such a smooth design clubhead had a joyful feeling and made a enjoyable playing experience.

Data of Titleist T200

The Titleist T200 did not miss any distance on the T100 model during testing, The Titleist T150 which have been specifically designed for the Faster Ball Speeds and Longer Distances.

T200 Model was same as the T100 and T150 during Performance-Wise while hitting, it was Good to see that there was not a drop down in spin-rate with the T200.

T200 Outdoor Performance

We will enjoy taking the T200 irons out and hitting them off the Ground at Woburn. This allows very clean feeling strike With lot’s of Control on approaches, we did not notice any of the step up in forgiveness between the T150 models and to the T200 models however, which will again make you fun feeling experience hitting these irons.

The Way of T-Series irons have Been Designed all-over allows them for a very smooth transition Between models.

For Shorter irons, you can always look to use a blended set of T150 for the lower end and T200 models at the Higher end.

The Titleist have done a Great job by keeping the looks and Feel of a players iron, This helps allowing enough forgiveness to make these irons feel like a Good Friend on the Course. Really like the feel of the longer irons in the T200 series That was able to get a Good strike Going, was very impressed with that aspect of Clubs.

Will you use T200?

The Titleist T200 irons would be a great fit for Game. The only one reason why I ended up going with the T150 model over the T200 is because its Sound and looks and they got more slightly distance and speed with it and the overall performance of T200 was very similar and I enjoy the feel and added Forgiveness in Titleist irons.

Pros and Cons of Titleist Irons

Here are some pros and Cons of Titleist Irons as follows:


  • Have Clean looks in the Bag and at address
  • Great Forgiveness Levels
  • Performance is Similar to the T100 Irons and T150 Irons


  • T200 Iron is not as sleek as the T100 and T150 iron
  • T200 iron have Slightly Clunkier Sound

Titleist T200 Irons Product Details

Following are the Product Details of Titleist T200 Irons

  • UK Launch – 25 August 2023
  • UK Launch RRP – £1249.50
  • European Launch – 25 August 2023
  • European Launch RRP – €1399
  • Golfer – Mens
  • Hand Availability – Left, Right
  • Shaft Name – True Temper AMT Black
  • Shaft Types – Steel, Graphite
  • Grip – Titleist Universal 360
  • Design – Cavity Back
  • Set Makeup – 4,5,6,7,8,9, PW, GW
  • Manufacturer’s Website – Titleist Website

Titleist T100 Irons

The Titleist T100 Irons are back with the 3rd iteration of the T-Series Irons that include the update of T100 Model, Newer version of the most played Iron model on the tour since it was introduced in the year 2019.

Titleist T100 comes with the dual cavity metal forged irons look that it will provide more solid feel at impact with the stability and perfectness for it’s players, The T100 Models can be seen in the bags of players such as:

  • Jordan Spieth
  • Max Homa and
  • Cameron Smith.

Titleist T100 comes with Dual Split Tungsten Metal

In the T-Series Irons we will se the use of Dense D18 Tungsten Metal weighting, that split between the toe and the heel of the T-Series Club to allow for the accuracy/Correction CG Placement and Optimum (MOI), Tungsten is held in place by 2000° aerospace brazing process, that will remove the need for weld points, by giving Good control of the Weight Distribution through out the Clubhead.

Titleist T100 irons for Better Control

The Titleist have been working on the Improvement of both the body Construction and a new correctness CNC Face Milling Process to get-rid-of-the imperfections, The T100 model see ultra-fine shift in CG to deliver Good Control and ball flight stability.

T100 Irons have an improved variable Bounce unique, with a soft-end trailing edge that allow the club to flow faster within the turf, This bring a “tour level feel” into the turf in each Iron set.

Titleist T100 Looks and Feel

A Player who have been using Chunkier Clubs for years, some may found the T100 a little intimidating, at the address, for some Titleist T100 felt small too. some who play with Chunkier Clubs for years may have some nervous to stand over the ball and given them a go. But with some shots with confident may enjoy them the experience to use T100 Clubs. with a Better Impressions.

The overall design is Greatly slick and smart, The T100 irons have very few small details such as the T100 within the hollow cavity, The logo had moved slightly higher up form the older T-series models, and the “Forged” placed very beautifully down the side of the hosel. The one best word to describe these irons is just professional and very clean looking.

The Titleist T100 in terms of strike, Feels Great when you find sweet spot, to be honestly there are many shots that may feel unhappy with T100 as tested these Irons out, The main issue some may come is “How Small the Clubhead looked” in the comparison to the Golf Ball itself, This problem may not be issue for everyone and this is sure that a lot of Golfers would like the visuals of T100 Club, But for some the Confidence was not there with the T100 irons.

Titleist T100 Irons Data

The T100 irons shots hitting felt Good: Find the DATA of Titleist T100 Irons Here

[Titleist T100 Irons Data]

The Titleist T100 designed to excel in control and Precision, it is not as good chasing ball speed or for a long Distances. This was the shortest and slowest of the series, Benefit have be seen in the distance dispersion.

Titleist T100 Outdoor Performance

Taking Titleist T100 outdoor on the golf course, some may feel very similar conclusions, nerves may feel standing at address, this clubhead was too small for some to get confident while hitting. But this Irons gives a very clean and satisfying feel when hitting off truf “Some short may help to get confidence” The level of forgiveness seen in the other Irons is not there in T100.

Titleist believes some players may get benefit from their shorter irons to be in 1 model and the longer irons in another.

The Titleist T100 irons cost At £178.50 per club for a steel shaft, or £192.50 for graphite, The Cost of the full iron comes with larger Price tag.

Titleist T100 Pros and Cons:

Following are the pros and Cons of Titleist T100 Irons:


  • Improvement in Looks compared to previous T-Series Generation
  • T100 has Great feel and sound
  • Precision and Control in Both Distance and Dispersion


  • T100 irons has very High Price tag
  • T100 Irons Gives Lack of Confidence around Smaller Clubhead

Titleist T100 Irons Product Details

  • UK Launch – 25 August 2023
  • UK Launch RRP – £1249.50
  • European Launch – 25 August 2023
  • Golfer – Mens
  • Hand Availability – Right, Left
  • Manufacture – Forged
  • Finish – Chrome
  • Shaft Name – True Temper AMT White
  • Shaft Types – Steel
  • Shaft Flex – Stiff, X Stiff
  • Grip – Titleist Universal 360 Grip
  • Design – Cavity Back
  • Set Makeup – 3,4,5,6,7,8,9, PW
  • Manufacture Website – Titleist Website


Is Titleist T100 or Titleist T200 Better?

Both the Titleist may not be the best distance irons, but based on the Performance the T200 as Stronger lofts made a little bit of difference in the form of distance.

Does the Titleist (T-Series) have a Game improvement Irons?

Titleist is back with the 3rd iteration of the T-Series Irons next time including an all new T350 model. which described as the ultimate game improvement Irons, That may allows Golfers to hit far, long and fast with high level of forgiveness.

Do any pro player use T100?

Titleist T100 iron is most popular among the top “PGA Tour Players” with 23 tour pros currently carry T100 irons in their bag, including:

  1. Max Homa,
  2. Jordan Spieth and
  3. Tom Kim.

Can a high handicapper play Titleist T200?

A High handicapper should avoid the Titleist T200 irons, instead he can chose the T300 or T400 as they have much more forgiving, T200 are for the player who wants distance help without sacrificing the looks and feel.

What are the Best Irons to hit far?

Here are the list of Irons that may help to hit far:

  • Ping i525 Irons
  • Titleist T200 Irons
  • Mizuno Pro 225 Irons
  • Wilson D9 Forged Irons
  • Mizuno JPX923 Forged Irons
  • PXG 0311 P GEN5 Irons
  • Mizuno JPX923 Hot Metal Pro Irons
  • TaylorMade P790 Irons
  • Callaway Paradym Irons
  • Srixon ZX5 MK II Irons

All these Irons helps to deliver Distance far while hitting.

Which is the best iron for short distance?

The Best iron for short distance is “Pitching Wedge” has the most loft, the shortest shaft and the shortest distance in the “Traditional 3-PW iron’s” Traditional 3-PW Irons help for the Short Distance hit.

What is the iron does Justin Thomas use?

Justin Thomas use Titleist’s T100 tour cavity back 4 iron, along with a set of Titleist muscle-back blades, the more Forgiving Titleist T100 model allows Justin Thomas to produce more Speed, Forgiveness and Height, After 4 years with the old T100 irons, Justin is likely making an upgrade at the US Open.

What Irons does Collin Morikawa use?

Collin Morikawa uses a combo set of TaylorMade P7MC irons and P730 irons, He wears adidas ZG21 Golf Shoes,

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