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SriXon Golf Ball has been a Famous Choice for a Wide range of golf players all around the world from many years again the 11th Gen Srixon’s Golf Ball set to hit the Market again from January 2024.

Srixon Golf Ball Colours

Golf Ball Comes with 2 Colour:

  • Srixon Golf Ball With – Pure White and
  • Srixon Golf Ball With – Yellow

The New Gen SriXon’s said to be an improvement on the high performance on distance along with high performance design, Expected to have a new levels of distance and feel on every single shot.

Srixon Golf Ball offers a slightly lower compression rating and a softer cover that the older one AD333 balls, said to have ‘more spin performance and good control than old balls‘ The Ball will give Golfers the feedback what they are looking for performance wise with some added distance forgiveness with best control on feel based shots and approach.

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Srixon Golf Ball AD333

This Ball AD333 are also placing more focus on sustainability with the AD333 with reducing the amount of plastic used on the all packaging and also committing to a Zero Carbon emissions from both 2 Ball plants. The Ball Comes with same technologies as the Z-Star series, Which is used on Tour. Features of a two-piece with offer good performance with value for money.

Srixon Golf Ball Come with new features the Z-Star Series, use to reduce unwanted spin off the tee and promote a straighter and longer ball shot, Balls compression was lowered form 72 to 70 allow for more Formation at the impact.

The Ionomer cover helps the ball to stay in contact with the clubs grooves for longer by providing more grip on every approach shots by the players. This unique construction helps the ball to generate ball speed without any affect feel, Particularly optimized for golf players with moderate swing speed.

A new Fast Layer core transitions in the center of firm around the outer edge, Helps the ball adds ball speed without sacrificing the feel, this helps the ball to goes distance in any playing conditions. The Spin Skin gives the ball more spin around the greens, as the best coating is designed to dig deeper into the grooves on the face, This Coating helps the ball to maximize spin for more with very power on shot.

When Srixon Golf Ball AD333 is available?

The Srixon Golf Ball AD333 is available form January 20th 2024 at an RRP of £28 per dozen, and offered in both Colour : Pure White and Tour Yellow.

Srixon AD333 Golf Ball Product Details

UK Launch – 20th January 2024
UK Launch RRP – £28
European Launch – 20th January 2024
European Launch RRP – €30
Golfer – Men, Women
Ball Construction – 2- Piece,
Spin – Medium
Ball Feel – Medium
Colour Options – Pure White and Tour Yellow.
Manufacture’s Website – Srixon Website


What is AD333?

The Srixon AD333 Golf Ball has higher Muzzle velocity for a greater carry with best shot overall distance. which have excellent spin and control on approach shots.

Are Srixon AD333 the same as Q Star?

The Srixon Q-Star Tour Replaced With Srixon AD333 Tour Printed Golf Balls.

What Srixon ball is like Pro V1?

Both are the Similar Compression Balls were as the Srixon reporting the Z Star as a 90 Compression and the pro V1 reporting around 87.

What does Srixon stand for?

The Srixon stand for (Sumitomo Rubber Industries).

Which golf ball goes the farthest?

The Farthest Golf Ball is Titleist pro V1X Golf Balls, Says number #1 Golf Ball in the Golf, this is the longest Golf Balls on the Market.

What Srixon Ball Does Koepka use?

Srixon Z-Star Diamond Golf Ball use by Brooks Koepka.

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