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So far this year the Callaway’s Paradym range has given the Golfing World by storm so far, The Jon Rahm has already won four times in 2023 year with his Paradym Triple Diamond Driver.

The Irons have not quite causes the kind of provoke, because these iron are not used by the any Tour players, Callaway said that they will offer the Golfers with plenty of ball distance with a premium forged feel, Players who are tested these irons are impressed with their looks and Distance and they have got hands on more forgiving Paradym Irons.

Technology of Paradym Irons

Paradyam Irons use Callaway’s AI Computer Technology to Optimize the high strength forged 455 face, which say that, the irons will produce the most powerful forged iron face ever, AI ensures that the iron face of every irons has a optimal design to produce more speed, with Higher launch and increased with spin consistency.

The Body design features a speed frame construction with add more stiffness to the body of the iron, and supporting face cup, it have a thinner face, which increase ball speed.

Forged face and the Urethane Microspheres use to deliver a Soft-feel and a Premium Sound which all the Golfer players likes.

These Irons have a unique features that including up to 79grms of external and internal tungsten weights which placed to enhance launch conditions and with Ball Speeds on hit Shots, there is a thicker topline and more forgiving sole on the Paradym Irons compare to the standard Paradym, is designed to get through the turf to get more forgiveness.

Looks and Feel of Callaway Paradym Irons

Callaway Paradym Irons have a very good rounded design, in the Callaway brand, the larger blade length is perfect to the Golfers who seeking for extra confidence at addressing, the Navy colour-way is a good addition to the range, i like to say that the standard Paradym irons have a slightly smarter design.

These irons look big down by the ball, need to get some time to get used to it, if your new to the Callaway’s design, there is a chunky topline and a reasonable bit of offset as you move into the longer irons.

Callaway Paradym Irons feel exactly as strong distance iron, These irons are powerful and strong with a real zip, It seem even easier to launch the ball with good distance, Irons provide good big confident boost in chilly and windy conditions, with a fast flight, strong even when player hitting into the breeze.

Performance of Callaway paradym Irons

They have expecting plenty of distance with a easy launch and players were not disappointed. The iron produce an average carry distance of just a shade under 169Yards, Thanks to the loft of 27.5º which is 1.5º stronger than the standard Paradym. Distance irons like these can sometime be inconsistent in their Yardages as you can get some more shots that can spin low and launch high, which result in more distance, these irons the difference is the longest and shortest shots were around 13 yards which is very good impressive.

The Callaway Paradym Iron Numbers

[The Callaway Paradym Iron Numbers]

The Spin rate of irons are nearly 5800rpm which was higher than was expecting considering the strong lofts, the average peak height of 87.6 feet that was very confident the ball would stop when landing on the green.

The main thing is how easy it was to hit these irons far and straight, Lots are strong enough, it was fun to feel like we had a plenty of distance.

The Performance was impressed and get more confident while hitting, the wider sole helped with a bit of turf, The Clubhead getting through the grass was pretty easily, Found that the irons performed better and suit more of a simplistic approach, these Irons are aimed at high handicappers this irons may be surprising, if will be fun if you just wanted to lift up the ball in the air and with plenty of distance.

The Launching Ball just feel so easy and confident and it was fun to see every single shot flying high and far distance, there was plenty of forgiveness even if you do not quite the strike it right, The long Irons were really easy to hit and will provide lots of confidence for the players who might struggle in this department.

Pros and Cons of Callaway Paradym Irons

Here are the Pros and cons of Paradym irons which may be helpful for you:


  • Irons have Great looking,
  • Paradym Irons are Extremely long with Great Ball Speeds,
  • Irons are very Easy to Launch and Surprisingly Good in Spin Rates,
  • They have Plenty of Forgiveness if you do not strike it that well.


  • These Irons have Bulky look down by the Ball might not suit everyone,
  • Irons are Expensive for a non-forged Irons.

Callaway Paradym Irons – Product Details

  • UK Launch – 24 February 2023
  • UK Launch RRP – £1199
  • European Launch – 24 February 2023
  • European Launch RRP – €1299
  • Hand Availability – Left, Right
  • Finish – Chrome
  • Shaft Types – Steel, Graphite
  • Grip – Callaway Universal Grip
  • Design – Cavity Back
  • Set Makeup – 4,5,6,7,8,9, PW
  • Additional Clubs – GW, SW
  • Manufacture’s Website – Callaway Website

Callaway Paradym Driver

[Callaway Paradym Driver]

The Callaway paradym Driver has magnificent forgiveness, sliding weight does have a lot of change feel and separation. In the weeks of the 2023 PGA Tour season, the only driver is the winner’s circle, But the technological only made for the like of John Rahm? Not for all, This is a driver were every Golfer will want in their Bag.

The eye catching thing about the Cllaway Paradym driver is the Blue colour that covers most of the head, Players saw that it is much more gloomy in the bright sun, texture of the blue, particularly on the sole is like unique and visually engaging at the address.

Standard Paradym Driver has a very nice shape, Driver is not overly larger, Hits the sweet spot better, where high Handicappers alike will feel confident standing near to the ball, Players will like how the blue front edge holds Focus right next to the Ball.

Callaway Paradym Driver Sound and Feel

Paradym Driver threads the needle by having the impact sound Good without any obnoxious, Have average in Volume and mid pitch, Additional it is extremely consistent at the launch event.

The hand of the paradym is very solid, Players hands also responsible for delivering the most of the feedback, Paradym Driver is very stable, you need to pay attention if you want to accurately locate you are impact point to the Ball.

Callaway Paradym Driver Launch Monitor Data

Find the Image with Data of Driver Launch Monitor

[Callaway Paradym Driver Launch Monitor Data]

Performance of Callaway Paradym Driver

The Paradym Driver showed 15% of the Improved Dispersion, The Forgiveness was more impressive, every shot that was hit by the players, hit near to the center of the face that produced a smash factor of 1.48sec or better. Between the sound of the consistency of the ball speed, the playing partners will think that you never miss the center of the face.

The Forgiveness is powered by the 3 key technology:

  1. 360° Carbon Chassis – Callaway uses no titanium in the body of the Paradym Driver, Giving them extra weight to position the ball speed and the stability.
  2. New Jailbreak System – The Driver has 33% lighter weight then the previous version, Still adding the ball speed of the center strikes.
  3. AI To Design The Club Faces – Callaway uses AI to Design the Club Faces, This Technology make them faster across all the strikes and tightens Dispersion.

Callaway Paradym Driver Product Details:

  • Loft – 90 , 10.50 , 120
  • Length – 45.75″
  • Stock Shaft’s – Fujikura Ventus TR Blue, Aldila Ascent, Project X HZRDUS Black and Silver.
  • Flex – Light, Regular, Stiff, X.
  • Price – $599

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