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The Taylormade Spider X Putter is Originally develop from the Jason Day, Initially a large high MOI shape, gained wider acceptance on the Tour when Janson Day Modified an Itsy Bitsy Spider.

The Taylormade Spider X Comes as standard with 6 Grams weights in the 34 and 35 inch putters but there are many options available if you need them heavier.

Taylormade Spider x Putter Colours

Lets start with the Taylormade Spider x Putter Colours, it has fantastic Dakota Copper version above, which can bring back he memories of Bronze and Brass Putters. The Midnight Blue Version designed for the Dustin Johnson, it is navy preferred wardrobe colour, The Copper Colour is to surprise of the Taylormade Team.

The Spider ‘Rocket Pods‘ at the back of the Taylormade spider x have been replaced by 2 blue steel weights on the X Putter make mass towards the back corners of the Putter.

Taylormade Spider x is still 10% bigger than the Spider Mini, so it is good between the two models.

The Extra MOI Means that if you mishit a putt it’s less like to lose the speed and therefore you will have more change of holing it on the 12 foot putt.

Higher MOI Head will be more forgiving when you are hitting the face across a 3cm range or upto 4cm for higher handicappers.

There is also a choice of holes from a double bend to create a face balanced putter, after Much research with the sports visual team at Indiana university. the white band that is half the width of a golf ball, was deemed the Optimal shape for better alignment.

The Taylormade spider x also comes with a choice of full or 3/4 hosel offsets, it depending on whether you want a face balanced or a 30° toe hang putter.

Taylormade Spider Headcover

[Taylormade Spider Headcover]

Best style to you are putting with this headcover design that draws inspiration, helps traveling from one spider web to another located on the back,

Taylormade spider x putter release date:

The Hottest putter model on the PGA Tour just got even better, To Celebrate the 10th year of the spider putters. The Spider X Came With a White True alignment aid on the crown, The year 2019 model came in a Copper and Navy Colour.

Taylormade Spider X Putter (Product Details)

Find the Complete Product Details as follows:

  • UK Launch – 15th February 2019,
  • UK Launch RRP – £299,
  • USA Launch – 15th February 2019,
  • USA Launch RRP – $349,
  • European Launch – 15 February 2019,
  • European Launch RRP – €349
  • Hand Availability – Left, Right,
  • Material – Steel, Carbon.
  • Weight – 355 Grams,
  • Club Lengths – 33, 34, 35 inches.
  • Shaft Name – KBS C Taper Tour
  • Shaft Types – Steel,
  • Grip – Super Stroke Pistol GTR 1.0
  • Putter Shapes – Mallet,
  • Putter Insert – Yes
  • Putter Face Grooves – Yes,
  • website – Taaylmade Website

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