Ping G430 Hybrid | Ping G430 Hybrid Review

Ping G430 Hybrid range set about to maintain brand position of producing the most forgiving metals in the game, with the added speed and distance gains for the best of worlds.

[Ping G430 Hybrid Review]

The Ping G430 Hybrid’s new technology for year 2023 is with the Carbon fly Warping, an very/ultra-thin lightweight composite crown that was warps into the heel and tee section of the head iron, that will save 8gm of weight comparing to a steel crown, helping to lower the CG to increase the Ball Speed and improve the Strick Sound.

The Face-warp Technology have seen a thin, high strength steel face warping in the crown and the sole to increase a flexing, helps to generate faster ball speed with higher launch to produce the greater distance. The feature that we have seen over the Couple of years a “Variable roll radius” that said to create less loft lower on the face, were this improves the performance on the tin shots by reducing the spin and increasing the ball speed.

Trajector Tuning helps Golfers to Customize the trajectory and ball flight for the best result, it has 8 different positions that allows the loft and lie to get adjusted, The standard G430 Hybrid and there is also a High launch G430, with a 5.5g of backweight and lightweight shaft and grip so that Golfers may get grip on slower swing speeds can generate more Distance and More speed with a higher launch.

Ping G430 Hybrid Looks and Feel

The Ping G430 Hybrid is a Great looking club, love the simplicity of the head with a dot for alignment and with the carbon matte design which feel great in look and lucky enough to play in the sunny weather, another thing is you can notice the white score lines on the face at address, that are really useful along with the alignment dot.

The Advantage is that you can clearly see the white score lines on the face at the address, that is really useful along with the alignment dot to make sure you get confident before you take a hit shot, Ping G430 has a softness and the head shape most actually prefer.

Ping G430 Huybrid is an exactly the kind of shape which i like to see down y the ball, Which is friendly without any fearing on addressing, we think you will be difficult to find a Golfer who does not like the look and feel of the Club.

Feel of the Ping G430 Hybrid

Ping G430 Hybrid feel provide really solid feel off the face is not too hard and not too soft, it going to feel a really pleasing through the Golfer hands, This year Ping G430 Hybrid have really worked on improving the sound of their Woods in the last couple of years, and Ping provides satisfying result.

Ping G430 Hybrid have more solid sound with helps to give the feeling that you have struck the ball well and it also feel and sounds fast of the face.

Performance of Ping G430 Hybrid

The Performance of the Ping G430 Hybrid really impressed, and it is so easy to hit the Ball with the white line notice, and easy to launch consistently with a strong ball flight.

Ping Hybrid are more about the fitting into a gap in the bag rather than all out distance, but it was pleased to see that was definitely getting a few extra yards of the ball, carry out of the G430 comparing to the existing hybrid, it is useful to have this when you are hitting into long par 3s or trying to reach a par 5 in two.

The Data of Ping G430 Hybrid

Ping G430 Hybrid Pros and Cons

Following are some of the pros and cons of the ping G430 Hybrid:


  • They look Fantastic and improved sound and feel
  • Ping G430 Hybrid have Great Performance with plenty of Distance
  • Ping are consistent and very easy to hit
  • There are Plenty of Different lots Options are available


  • Very Expensive for a hybrid price – £295

Ping G430 Hybrid Product Details

[Ping G430 Hybrid Product Details]
  • UK Launch – 26 January 2023
  • UK Launch RRP – £295
  • USA Launch – 26 January 2023
  • USA Launch RRP – $365
  • European Launch – 26 January 2023
  • European Launch RRP – €365
  • Golfer – Mens
  • Hand Availability – Right
  • Shaft Name – Project X HZRDUS Smoke Red RDX70/80
  • Shaft Types – Graphite
  • Number/Loft – 2/17°, 3/19°, 4/22°, 5/26°, 6/30°, 7/34°
  • Manufacturer’s Website – Ping Website

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